The chronicles and ramblings of a stay-at-home father raising his three beautiful girls, Anya Rose, Caitlin Rose and Reegan Rose.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Snowy Day in Minnesota

Old man winter must have a bug up his ass this year.  Over the past two days we've been hammered with at least 12 inches of snow.  The good news is those 50 degree days managed to melt just enough snow for my 3-horsepower snow blower to loft the snow over the bank of the driveway.  For a while there it was like entering the Grand Canyon just to get to the garage.

The girls actually do quite well when we forced to stay inside the house all day.  They're so used to being on the go that it's actually a nice change of pace.  We get to lay around all day in our pajamas, watch movies, and color until the saliva-soaked crayons permanently dye our fingers red.  Have you guys seen Drew Carry lately?  The guy's lost like 100 pounds.  I suppose he looks good, but he just looks so different from the Drew I came to know and love.  (I thought I would add this daytime game-show update.  With the passing of my Grandma, my Mom and Aunt Sue are probably completely out of the loop with what's happening on the programs they have heard soooooo much about over the past few years.  My grandmother paged my Mom at the office the day Alex Trebeck shaved his mustache; it was a very controversial subject in our house.)

With all the artistic creativity in the air, Caitlin has found a new use for her blanky; a snot rag.  Why be inconvenienced by getting a  Kleenex when you can use the soft, pink blanket that is never more than 5 feet from you at all times.  We washed it yesterday but it is already able to stand up on its own accord (think Cameron Diaz's hair in There's Something About Mary..."Is that gel?").  Nasty.  But in order to wash it, you have to sneak it away from her when she doesn't realize it.  This afternoon she took a very rare nap.  I had the opportunity to slide it out of her sleeping hands a la the Grinch when he stole Cindy Lou's candy cane.

Reegan has identified a freckle on her left hand.  Now whenever she gets hurt, regardless of where, she points to the freckle and cries, 'OOOWWWIIIIEEEEEEE!'  You could cut off her right arm and that damn freckle will be the source of her agony. 

And funny story about Anya yesterday...  We were on the way to church yesterday morning and we were explaining to Anya that she didn't have Sunday School because it was President's Day Weekend.  We gave her the option to stay in the nursery with Reegan or join us in the congregation.  After pausing a few seconds, she said 'I guess I'll go with Reegan and play with toys.  Is that where we're going to open all the presents?'  Alicia and I looked at each other inquisitively?  'What are you talking about Anya?'  Her response?  'You said it was presents weekend.  So when are we going to open all the presents?'  Oh the difference a syllable makes...

Tip of the Day - Don't trust anyone who lives in Minnesota and doesn't have a snowblower.  They just ain't right.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Strikes and Gutters

What an interesting weekend.  After a long week with the girls, I always look forward to my weekend.  I guess I shouldn't say always... Some weeks seem to be made up with an endless stream of Tuesdays.  Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against Tuesdays; story time, gym in the afternoon, Biggest Loser in the evening, I just like it when I can be lazy and not worry about one of my Roses flooding the bathroom or 'redecorating' the kitchen.

For whatever reason, this Saturday had it out for me.  This weekend we were dog sitting my parents Wheaten Terrier while they were out of town.  Unlike my kids, who I can just throw a diaper on and catch a snooze on the couch, Wally needs his potty breaks outdoors.  While walking him out of the garage, I cracked my head on the garage door.  How this happened?  I have no idea.  I've lived in my house for 7 years and hadn't hit it before, but the world was out to get me that day.  After a teeth clenching 'Shhhhhhheeeeeeeeiiiiitttt' I shuffled angerly down the driveway hoping the stupid dog would drop a duece so I could get back to bed. 

After doing his business, I brought him inside and grabbed his dog food.  Because Wally had been sick the past few days; a sickness which Anya attributed to Wally 'eating a bad bone or maybe eating a nail,' the dog was on a special diet.  His food came in an aluminum can and I had to use a spoon to scoop it out.  While scooping out his food, I made a circular motion with my spoon and managed to run my thumb along half the can's serrated edge.  Son of a Bitch!  My thumb was hanging on by a sliver (Come on, it was a baby gash...a baby gash!  Fine, but I was pissed and I need to vent...Shhhhhh, you don't want to upset your wound).  I opted to not get the 49 stitches I felt it needed and instead went with a band aide and some scotch tape.  Strike two.

I managed to bring my frustrating morning with me until the afternoon.  Alicia brought Anya with her to meet with our tax man from 1 - 4, so that meant Caitlin and Reegs were all mine.  After watching a few episodes of Woody Woodpecker, we brought out the square blocks to build some towers.  I learned two things that day; one, Reegan is an incredibly fast block stacker, and two, running to answer the phone while playing with blocks is a bad idea.  It's amazing how quickly those harmless little blocks can turn into pointy cubes of death.  I managed to step on no less then 4 different blocks to answer a phone call of an automated voice telling me the benefits of a home security system.  Strike three. 

I was determined to make Sunday a better day.  With the weather changing here in Minnesota, we were finally able to get outside without Caitlin crying about being too cold.  Anya and Reegan love sledding and Caitlin loves everything about sledding except going down a hill.  Reegan was even brave enough to go down the hill by herself.  It was sweet.  Her second trip down she took a massive digger, faceplant included, and when I picked her up from the snow she wasn't even crying.  She looked at me confused and with snow on her face and said one thing; 'Cold.' 

We then dragged the girls around the frozen duck pond and had a blast.  After Alicia and I had a sufficient workout, we pulled the girls back home.  I can't say it totally made up for my Saturday but it was close.  Oh well, the dude abides...

Tip of the Day - Don't piss Caitlin off.  At the library today she managed to sneak out on me while I was putting on Reegan's coat.  While I frantically searched the childrens section, I enlisted the help of the librarians to help find her.  Turns out she left the library, went downstairs in the government center and was sitting on a bench by the front doors.  The librarian found her and brought her back to me.  When I asked her why she ran away, she said "Because I was mad at you."  What the hell am I going to do when she's 15...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Every Rose is Unique

It's been a while since my last post and life has been pretty busy around the Schmidt house.  With JO Volleyball tournaments starting up, my weekend reffing schedule has become more hecktic.  With that said, I think it would be a good idea to update you all on the Roses life's.


Who can't love Anya?  She's got a personality of gold.  She's the kind, motherly type, with just a hint of know-it-all-itis.  She loves helping me "take care of the girls" and if she's not too involved in an episode of Curious George, she does a great job of helping clean up.  The other day she went to the fridge to get out an orange and left the door open.  I asked her why she didn't shut the door and she explained that Reegan was looking in the fridge.  To my follow up question of "What's Reegan doing in the Fridge?" Anya responded, "I don't know what the hell she's doing," in a quasi-annoyed tone.  Nothing gets past that kid... 

She continues to grow and develop into a wonderful little girl.  Her new favorite game is Uno which she recieved as a Christmas present from her Uncle Ben (not the black rice guy, but Alicia's brother).  She relishes every oppportunity to get to the farm or spend the day at Papa and Nana's.

Caitlin -

Caitlin can warm our hearts when we're in the most rotten of moods.  She loves cuddling up and she has me wrapped around her little finger.  He blonde hair and expressive blue eyes exudes childhood innocence.  Caitlin likes to march to the beat of her own drum and can easily keep herself entertained with a pair of sissors (childproof of course, or knowing her she'd be down to just thumbs) a piece of paper, and a handful of crayons.   She's started to open herself up to others more and loves telling you that she is 2.  "What's you name sweetheart?"  "I'm 2!" 

While I can easily see Anya being a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant, Caitlin is a little trickier to peg.  She doesn't seem to have an interest in convention and is much more imaginative than my other girls.  I see her being a graphic designer, a teacher, or an interior decorator.  She's definitely a girly-girl and has the pain tolerance of a mosquito.  I don't want to say that she's a pansy, but that is the first word that pops in my head to describe it.  She loves to be held and is my first choice snuggle up with by the TV.

Reegan -

Reegan is by far the most independant of our Roses.  Unlike Caitlin's 'distant' independance, Reegan's is much more deliberate.  Reegan is much more of a Brutus in getting what she wants.  If you have a book that she wants, she has no problem crawling right over bodies to get it.  She's a tough SOB too.  While we haven't had this clinically tested, I'm pretty sure her head is partly made up of titanium. When KK and Reegan play, it almost always ends up with KK in tears. 

Reegan is a very open and loving little girl.  I love watching her at playgroup because she will go up to random adults with puppets, books, or toys, sit down next to them, and look at them with the expression that says, "Entertain me."  And who can say no to those dimples?  At church the other day, we were in the parents room and a little boy came into our pew to take one of Reegan's books.  After first ripping the book out of his hands, she went to the little boys mom, handed her the book, and climbed on her lap.  I tried to get her back in our pew, but the mother was too smitten with Reegan's charm and read the Dr. Suess tale with Reegan and her son in her lap.

We are very lucky to have such fine little Roses; each unique, but all very much loved by their parents.

Tip of the Day - When you are awaken by your 2 year old daughter every other night for the past two weeks, remember that you love her.  Despite her whooping cough, buggery nose, and her dragon ass breath, she is still the apple of your eye and the fruit of your loins.