The chronicles and ramblings of a stay-at-home father raising his three beautiful girls, Anya Rose, Caitlin Rose and Reegan Rose.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

As we get ready to put our house on the market, we've been working like crazy around here.  We're trying to de-clutter the house before listing it, which makes trips to Goodwill bi-weekly occurrences.  The other day I attempted to donate a bag of infant and/or annoying toys that haven't been played with in a while.  I included the music set that every parent despises; the Parent Magazine drum set, with tambourine, maraca, and xylophone.  Not only is the set deafeningly loud, but the hard plastic drum sticks act like medieval maces when other children attempt to participate in the 'fun.'  Just as the gal was taking the bag from the back of the van, Anya cries out, "NO!!! You can't give that away.  I was going to start a band tonight!"  Her outburst led the donation volunteer to take the set out and handed it to Anya.  As of the writing of this blog, no aforementioned band has been created.

Last week we also had new carpets installed on the main level of our house.  We had to remove all the furniture from our living and dining room which meant absolute chaos in the rest of the house.  It's not like I don't have enough disorder already; its like watching Willy Wonka on Acid, the insanity of the movie is tripped out enough that you really don't need mind-bending chemicals to make it 'spacey'.  The carpet was installed and looks much better than our old stuff, no more make-up stains behind the table, no more hair dryer burns on the middle of the walkway, no more Sharpie smiley faces underneath the coffee table.  Hopefully the investment provides a decent return on our sale.

Scary thought of the day...We're driving down the freeway and Caitlin looks out her window to see a motorcyclist.  She turns to me and say, "Someday I'm going to drive a motorcycle.!"

Shortly after the comment, Caitlin asked Anya for a drink of water.  As Anya attempted to hand her a bottle, Reegan reached out her hand and tried to grab it, knocking it out of Anya's hand.  Within seconds I had a car full of screaming girls.  While driving I turned around to see if I could reach the bottle when Anya asserts, "Dad!  You worry about driving, I'll take care of the kids."

All the work around the house has us more and more excited about our move.  While there are many people we will miss, the anticipation of a new adventure is exhilarating.  We hope to have our house on the market within a week and hope to have a buyer for it in October.  We're not really sure how it's all going to work out, but we have faith that the Good Lord will take care of all the details.

Tip of the Day - Comet is the greatest cleaner ever invented.  I successfully removed ink, crayon, food, milk, and vomit from the walls in my girls hallway. Impressive.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Good times around the bend

Well, it's official.  The Schmidt's are moving to Seattle!  Sometime between Nov. 1 and Jan 1, we will be relocating to WA, but don't worry everyone, we will be in town for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As for news on the girls, Reegan has moved into a big girl bed!  My sister Kari is pregers and was in need of a nursery set.  Now that Reegsy is 2, we figured we'd move her into a bed so Kares could use our gear.  A few days ago I disassembled the crib and moved it to the porch.  Unfortuneatly the instruction manual blew out the window so my sis is going to have to put it together using her own handy skills.  Don't worry Kare, I threw in a handful of extra bolts - varying shapes and sizes - just in case you need them. ;)

Reegan has been in her bed three nights now and has been great at sleeping through the night.  She hasn't, however, figured out her bed management strategy.  The first night we were awakened twice to the sound of a 30 lb. child free-falling onto our hardwood floors.  Of course Reegan is our little brutus, so the fall left her unscaithed, you just have to pick her up, lay her back in bed, and give her a kiss on the head.  If Caitlin were to attept one of Reegan's falls she would be confined to a wheelchair.  Each of the past two nights she's only fallen out of bed once.  Progress!

Yesterday while driving running errands we drove past a house that was giving away a free bedframe.  Caitlin has been sleeping on a box spring and mattress that were laying on the ground, and since the carpeting in her room has a solid half inch of padding, I figured she should be safe another 6 inches off the floor.  While in bed last night Caitlin was crying about her new 'high' bed. 

Me - What's the matter sweety?
Caitlin - I hate my new bed!
Me- Why honey?
Caitlin - Because I can't reach my water!!!
Me- Here. (I hand her water bottle from the floor)
Anya - KK, you should put in up in your bed like I do.
Caitlin - Ahhhhhh....Nope, this worked. (dropped the bottle back to the floor with a half smile on her face)

The shit.

The whole family went to the State Fair with Papa and Nana on Wednesday.  We had a wonderful time eating junk food, looking at animals, and going on rides.  We blew through a hundred dollars faster than the Roses go through a tube of Pringles.  The girls absolutely LOVE their grandparents.  All the more reason to make frequent trips back to the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

Tip of the Day - If you purchase a birthday cake with three or more hairs found within, you are entitled to a refund, but you must have self control not to eat the rest of it.  A hair in a cake is about as unattractive as Sarah Jessica Parker, but even she'll get laid if a guy is drunk enough.