The chronicles and ramblings of a stay-at-home father raising his three beautiful girls, Anya Rose, Caitlin Rose and Reegan Rose.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall in the Pacific Northwest

It's been a beautiful fall here in Issaquah.  Rainy season has arrived which means most days are overcast with at least some rain showers throughout the day.  From now until June, it really doesn't pay to watch the weather report, you pretty much know its going to be between 40-60 degrees, overcast, with a good chance of showers.

Since my last post, my parents came out for a visit.  My dad helped out with watching the girls while I had a series of volleyball matches that required me to get a babysitter.  With my hectic schedule of picking up and dropping off kids from school, it ended up being easier and cheaper to fly my dad out to help out with the kids than hire a series of babysitters.  Between his daycare duties, my old man managed to squeeze in a couple days fishing on some of Washington's finest rivers and lakes.  The Roses were excited to spend time with Papa and join him on his adventures.  He said the fishing wasn't half bad, although we never actually saw any of the fruits of his labors...

Nana joined us for a couple days as well.  I had to work a weekend tournament so I wasn't able to spend as much time with her as I would have liked, but Alicia and the girls had a great time going with Nana to a pumpkin patch and celebrating the Harvest Festival.

All three girls are currently enrolled in some form of school.  Anya attends afternoon kindergarten on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, Caitlin goes to preschool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and Reegan has preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  As of the writing of this post I have managed to keep everyone's schedule straight, but know that if you see in the headlines of the Seattle Post "Father abandons 3-year old at preschool" that I tried my best.

All the girls love school.  Anya is doing well in kindergarten.  For her birthday I invited 6 of her classmates over for pizza and games.  It was a simple party; crafts, stick on tattoos, a pizza dinner and cake. Nothing special but the kids seemed to enjoy it.  It worked out really well that Anya's birthday was so close to the start of the school year.  Her party allowed me to meet a handful of Anya's friends and their parents.  Ever since her party, she is constantly arranging playdates.  She even has herself a little boyfriend who lives just down the street... The little guy has taken quite a fancy to Anya, but she can easily explain it away, "Dad, it's just because I have a picture of a monkey on my backpack."  Is that why your face got all red when I saw him give you a kiss on the hand???

KK and Reegan go to the same school on opposite days.  They have a fabulous teacher who does a remarkable job of getting kids excited about school.  Both girls fight about who gets to go to school on any given day.  I love it.  Of course Caitlin has two little admirers who give her hugs everyday after class. "Jimmy is nice," she'll say, "but Reegan can marry him.  I'm going to marry Alex."

Two weeks ago I took the girls fishing on a small lake just down the road from our house.  We had a picnic and we were packing up to leave when a guy pulled up on a golf cart.  "Hey guys, I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but we're setting up a haunted trail for the Halloween season.  We open to the public tomorrow, but we're having a dress rehearsal tonight for free.  From 7 til 8 is 'Family Scare' but after that it goes to full scare and you wouldn't want the little ones around then... Hope to see you tonight!"  Sweet!  The girls were stoked.

Around 6:45 I asked the Roses who wanted to go and Anya and Reegan were ready to roll.  Caitlin, who had gotten pretty comfortable playing Tinkerbell Boutique with Mom, decided she would rather put together pretty outfits than walk through some scary woods. We arrived promptly at 7:00 ready for a fun fall night, when I realized that there weren't that many kids around.  We grabbed a cookie and a cup of water before the haunted tour began when a gentleman wearing a secret service earpiece introduced himself to me.  "Hi, I'm the director of the trail, thanks for coming.  Just so you know tonight is only going to be Full Scare so if it becomes too much for the kids, just step off the trail and shout and we'll send security to come pick you up."  He smiled at my two innocent little girls, dressed head to toe and pink, and must have been thinking, "What kind of jackass brings two little girls this?"  I talked to the girls about going home but they had there minds made up that they were going to go through the trail.  As I thought about my predicament, all I could do was laugh at the insanity of my situation.  They don't want to go home, but I don't want to expose my Roses to the headless, mutant who was standing at the trail's entrance.  When I was able to compose myself and keep a straight face, I explained that everything we were about to see was make-believe, just like from Mr. Rogers, except instead of King Friday VIII and the Platypus Family, we would see psycho clowns and the brain-eating zombies.  Yeah!!!

The girls held my hands and we walked through the half mile trial.  The actors along the trail did an awesome job of toning it down around the kids. They would jump out, see the girls, and try their best not to scare the little girls.  At one point on the trail, Anya looks at me and shouts, "Dad this isn't even scary!"  I mouthed the words 'THANK YOU' to a man with half of his brain hanging out of his head, he smiled and hid back behind a wall so Anya wouldn't see him.  The girls loved it, and I had a riot.  That being said, we will not be going again next year.

Tip of the day - When taking a shower and using a bar of soap, wash your face before cleaning your ass.