The chronicles and ramblings of a stay-at-home father raising his three beautiful girls, Anya Rose, Caitlin Rose and Reegan Rose.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A little worse than expected...

So last week I told you guys about Reegan's broken arm.  After our trip to Urgent Care, they explained that it wasn't a serious break and that as soon as the swelling went down, they would have it casted and she would be on her way.  When we went in to get her cast last Monday, they wanted to get a few more x-rays, just to be sure nothing had changed since she broke it.  When the doctor looked at the new images, he asked me 'When was the last time Reegan had eaten? She's going to need surgery.'  The new x-rays showed that a bone in her elbow had been displaced over a centimeter from where it should have been, and only pins could hold it in place to heal correctly.  Bummer...

We scheduled the procedure as soon as possible which was last Monday evening.  Because it was at 6:00pm, the doctors didn't want her eating anything all day.  It was tough watching the little one so sore and hungry, at least I had a nice steak with mashed potatoes and gravy to console me.

The whole family went with Reegan to the hospital.  Anya was jealous that all the grown ups kept giving Reegan all the attention.  "No fair! Reegan got a balloon and she gets to wear a new dress???" (a hospital gown) Yes Anya, and she gets to have 4-inch pins sticking out of her arm since somebody was roughhousing with her little sister... Okay, I didn't say that, but I wanted to...

Caitlin on the other hand was incredibly comforting and consoling.  Right before Reegs left for surgery, KK drew her a picture and said, "I hope this helps your arm feels better Reegan."  Damn near brought a tear to my eye.

The procedure was only 60 minutes long, start to finish, and most of it was putting Reegan under and waking her up.  She was not a big fan of waking up, especially when she realized there was a big IV in her arm.  We had to wait an hour or so for her to get cleared to leave, but once we were in the car, she was back in good spirits.

Since surgery she has acted like nothing has happened.  She has a cast from her fingers to he shoulder but it doesn't seem to bother her.  She is quite the little trooper.

It was a great Holy Week at the Schmidt house.  I was giving the girls a bath on Good Friday and I was explaining why it was an important day.  I told the girls that Jesus loved his friends so much, he would do anything for them, even die!  And since we're friends with Jesus too, Jesus would do anything for us.  Anya thought about that for a minute and responded, "If Jesus would do anything for us, how come he doesn't make my stuffed animals talk to me?"  A budding theologian.

Easter weekend was awesome! The sun was out and we had highs in the 70's.  On Sunday we went to a beach on the Puget Sound with some friends and spent the day playing in the sand, looking for creatures in the water, and soaking up too much sun.  I know all you Minnesotans are grumbling, but take solace knowing that your pasty white shoulders don't hurt when you put on a shirt, but my bright pink sun-burnt ones do.

Tip of the Day - If you are as bald as I am, you cannot leave the house without a hat. My bright pink shoulders match my bright pink forehead.  It's like Lobstermania over here!