The chronicles and ramblings of a stay-at-home father raising his three beautiful girls, Anya Rose, Caitlin Rose and Reegan Rose.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reegan, Reegan, Reegan...

It appears as though fall has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest.  The long sunny days are making way for the overcast, rains of autumn.  While the Roses were sad to say goodbye to the pools, beaches, and sundresses, they have been having a wonderful time in school.

Caitlin and Anya absolutely love going to school.  Anya loves learning and following directions and Caitlin loves to play with her new classmates.  Anya will tell me all about her day, including the punishments her schoolmates received when they don't follow the rules.

Anya - "(Name omitted for legal purposes) got in trouble again today for making bad choices. He's lucky though, when he pushed Johnny, he could have gotten an Uh-Oh ticket but instead teacher only made him go to his desk for 2 minutes.  If you get 2 Uh-Oh's you have to stay in from recess."

She's like a 6 year old rule book!  Anya just soaks in everything that's going on around her.

Caitlin is doing very well in kindergarten.  She loves going to school and I'm pretty sure she hasn't realized that she's actually doing real school work.  KK has never really liked to work on her letters or spend time sounding out words, but she has been bringing home things they've been working on in class and she seems to be enjoying the learning process.  It's weird, for some reason when I tape a pen to her hand and scream 'WRITE YOUR LETTERS, DAMNIT!' she hates learning, but when she goes to a caring kindergarten environment she thinks it's fun...  Go figure?

Potty training has continued to hit a snare with Reegsy.  Yesterday she managed to go through 5 pairs of pants.  After the 4th accident of the day I told Reegan I was going to give her a spanking if she wet her pants again.  I've never tried to spanking as a consequence of wetting her pants before, but the putrid odor coming from the mounting pile of soiled undergarments clouded my judgment.  And just a point of clarification here, Reegan's pee doesn't smell pleasant.  I've changed my share of diapers here and I know that most pee is a little rank, but Reegan's is downright offensive!  It's like the urine of a 80 year-old dehydrated woman.  So when she pissed herself for the 5th time yesterday, I followed through on my punishment.  With Alicia sitting right next to me, I gave her a good hard spanking.  As I waited for Reegan to start crying, she turned to me and said with a straight face, 'That didn't hurt.'  Then she pulled off her pee stained pants and went back to playing Barbies.  Alicia tried to keep from laughing as Reegan yet again defied my efforts to control her bladder.  If she wasn't the cutest, most expressive and excitable person I've ever met, I might actually stay made at her for more than a minute...

Tip of the day - Just because someone doesn't have much hair, doesn't mean they want the snarly hair that falls off of your head.  Almost daily Reegan will run up to me with a handful of hair, and say, "Here Daddy, for your head so you can have some hair!"  If I wanted a full head of hair (which I totally don't) I wouldn't take it from the head of someone with a dew like Harry Dunne's from Dumb and Dumber.