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Monday, February 17, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

It's been a quiet week in Issaquah, Washington, my home town.  Today marks the first day of mid-winter break, another week long vacation from school and the scourge of all families without an at-home parent. The Roses and I are all very excited to celebrate all the President's day festivities going on around town.  First we're going visit our neighbor, the postman, since he gets the day off.  Then we'll pretty much carry on with our normal lives.  What a holiday!

Last week we took a two day vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge.  For Christmas, Santa gave the girls a one-night stay at the indoor water-park just south of Olympia.  With rates in excess of $400 a night on the weekends, we thought it would be best to sneak down there in the middle of the week and save ourselves a couple hundred bucks.  After school last Wednesday we made the hour and a half trek and stayed until Thursday night. 

One of the great things about Great Wolf Lodge is that they have other activities to do besides sit in the water-park.  Don't get me wrong, the slides, the wave pool, and the play structures are awesome, but the chlorine levels in that place make you want to rip your eyes out.  I know that chlorine is important, especially when hundreds of kids are swimming around and you almost never see any of them in the restrooms.  My girls can't go 20 minutes without taking a leak, but they all miraculously made it all day without needing to use the facilities.  I guess the big sign that says in capital letters, DO NOT PEE OR POOP IN THE POOL is more of a suggestion than a rule.

So after an hour in the water-park, we cleaned up and registered to play MagiQuest with the girls.  MagiQuest is this awesome, interactive scavenger hunt that takes you throughout the Lodge to find certain objects to fulfill your quest. With magic wand in hand, you have to bring to life pictures, treasure chests, crystals and statues in order to save the fairy princess and slay the dragon.  The Roses had a blast.  They must have played for at least 6 hours.  The other great part of the quest is that it spans 5 floors of the hotel, leaving the players to go up and down stairs constantly.  They didn't even realize they were getting exercise (and Lord knows they needed it after all the pizza and ice cream we were eating).

After two days of excitement, we were ready to come home and go back to school.  For such a short vacation, it sure was amazing.  On the way home Alicia and I agreed that such a short getaway was actually really great.  We could spoil the kids all we wanted because we knew it was only going to be for a day.  We ate junk food, played games, went swimming and burned through money like it was toilet paper, but hey, Santa picked up the tab!

Tip of the Day - If you tell your children Santa bought you a trip to a water-park, don't let them catch you paying for your room with your credit card.  I had to explain to Anya that Santa wanted me to pay for the room, but that he was going to reimburse me after he cashes out some of his IRA which he didn't want on do in 2013 for obvious tax implications. It confused her enough not to ask anymore questions.

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