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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seahawks win the Super Bowl!

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl!  In the event that you haven't heard, I am disappointment that your only source of pop culture information is a seriously delinquent blog about a dad raising his kids!  In any event, life around Seattle has been pretty amazing!  While we normally get months of rainy weather, the past few weeks have been awesome!

We had some friends over to watch the big game with us.  It was apparent to me that it was going to be a special day when we noticed outside our living room, picture window, two squirrels going at it on the fence in our backyard.  As the two rodents played 'Shelana the oak tree woman and a guy named Burt,' the Seahawk's forced a safety on the opening play of the game. It simply was meant to be.  While life was being created in our midst, we knew too that something special was growing in Seattle.

The Roses all caught Seahawk's Mania.  I guess the real reason they were so excited to watch the Seahawks win the Super Bowl is because I told them about what life was like when the Twins won the World Series back in 1991.  'Oh yeah girls, it was awesome!  I got to take the day off school!  I got to go to a parade!  It was one of the best days of my life!  If the Seahawks win, we're going to do the same thing!'

Well the Seahawks did win and it happened during one of the coldest weeks of the year.  While the rains held off, the weather for the day of the parade was a brisk 30 degrees with a wind chill of just 10 (I know Minnesotans, you'd be wearing shorts at the beach if you had a 10 degree day...).  With two moderately sick kids (moderate meaning probably too sick to go to school, but functional enough that you would relish in the 3 hour break from them), I didn't think it would be a good idea to sit outside for 6 hours to watch the parade.  The Roses were disappointed, but when I offered to buy them ice cream and watch it on TV, they were satisfied.

While the cold weather, the projected crowds of 700,000 people, and the hacking coughs of my children may have been the reason I decided against going to the parade, I think deep down it was because it wasn't for my true team, the Vikings.  I think with similar circumstances, I would have brought my girls to a Vikings parade.  Here I thought I bled blue and green, but I guess that purple dies hard.

Tip of the day:  The 'Shelana the oak tree woman and a guy name Burt' reference was from the movie The Great Outdoors; 1980s movie quotes can add more flare to a blog then a couple of gay men to a house party.

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